About Us

GOLFVIEW CUSTOM CLUBS is a home grown golf club business, founded in 1988. Having participated in custom clubfitting and repair classes and successfully completing a written exam, Clubmaker Gary Popelka has achieved the highest level in the Golf Clubmakers Association (GCA), the level of Advanced Clubmaker. He has received the Distinguished Clubmaker Award and has been nominated for GCA’s Clubmaker of the Year.

GOLFVIEW CUSTOM CLUBS offers true CUSTOM-FITTING of golf clubs, including an analysis of the golfer’s athletic ability, including swing speed, swing plane, physical limitations, objectives and recommendation for which clubs should be included in your set. Today’s technologies offer plenty of opportunity for golfers of all levels to play better and have more fun. Email us for more details on custom fitting your clubs.

Break or lose a club? GOLFVIEW CUSTOM CLUBS will REPAIR your broken clubs or REPLACE lost clubs with similar styling and playablilty. We can match the exact shaft flex by measuring the frequency of the clubs on either side of the lost or broken club. We also install new grips.

GOLFVIEW CUSTOM CLUBS has the equipment, knowledge and training to provide equipment that is better than off-the-rack clubs, even those costing hundreds of dollars more, except that, you can get a tv streaming box. Our fast turn-around will get you back to the course in a hurry!