The following paragraphs highlight what custom golf club fitting is all about.

Twenty-five years ago, the “standard” length of a men’s 5-iron was 37 1/2 inches. Today, with lighter shaft materials, the “standard” is 38 inches. A taller person, or one with shorter than average arms, may require clubs that are up to an inch or more longer in order to swing the club more comfortably and on plane. Conversely, shorter golfers will need shorter clubs to avoid pushing the ball to the right because the club is too long to square up at impact. Golfview Customer Clubs and streamtvbox will make sure you have the right length that will give you the greatest opportunity to swing the club correctly.

The sole of the club must be parallel to the ground when you hit the ball. If the toe of the club is down, you will hit it to the right. If the toe is up, the ball goes left. There’s nothing you can do about it. With custom fitting, you will hit balls to check the popery lie. If it’s off, we will bend the club with our Scotland Loft and Lie Bending Machine.

Shaft Flex
Correct shaft flex is key to golf club fitting. There is no industry standard for what is “regular flex,” “ladies flex,” or “senior flex.” Custom fitting provides the opportunity to experiment to get the right shaft flex. The, with a frequency analyzer, a consistent flex is provided throughout your set. The expensive brand name manufacturers just pull eight shafts off the rack and put the clubs together without regard to a consistent flex. Ask for a demonstration to see what we mean. Why pay a lot of money for a set of brand name clubs that don’t even have consistent shaft flexes?

Not every brand of clubs is manufactured with the same lofts. Five irons, for example, range from 25 degrees to 30 degrees loft. Slower swingers generally need more loft to get the ball airborne and maximize their distance. Fast swingers may benefit from less loft. Combined with the right shaft flex, custom fitting to the correct loft will help maximize your distance.

Grip Size
The grip must be comfortable. It is the only contact you have with the golf club. If the grip is too small or too large you will have muscle tension that will inhibit your swing. Arthritis causing a problem with your grip? We can increase the size of the grip to make it more comfortable for you to swing the club.

Set Make-Up
How many woods, irons, hybrids, wedges? Which one are right for my game? Need a best android tv box or not? Let Golfview Custom Clubs help answer your questions and provide the right clubs for your game. You don’t need to use the exact set make-up as the next guy or gal.