Testing Grounds

Golf Ball Testing Grounds

Golf ball manufacturers spend millions of dollars each year researching and developing game-improvement balls of different types. You want to make sure you buy golf balls that will help you to improve your game scores. Click android tv box uk to see witch golf balls you want to buy.

Step One

Reflect on the last few rounds of golf you played and what kinds of problems you had. Perhaps you noticed your moves too far to the right or left. Your shots may lack distance or soar too low or too high. Or maybe you’re consistently short on the greens. Your prevailing issues will impact your choice of golf balls.

Step Two

Choose a golf ball made out of two pieces (a cover and one-piece interior) if you are looking for more distance and less movement on the ball. Words like “extra distance” and “low spin” are good indicators of a two-piece ball. Beginners often use two-piece balls with very little spin.

Step Three

Look for a three-piece ball if you want the ball to curve more and stop faster on the greens. High spin balls also tend to fly higher in the air. Some companies are making golf balls that react to how hard the ball is hit. Some three- and four-piece balls are designed to spin less when hit with a driver and spin more when hit with higher lofted clubs around the green.

Step Four

Purchase a sleeve (three to four balls) of various golf balls meeting the type of low spin (more forgiveness) or high spin (more control) you want.

Step Five

Play several rounds of golf using one brand of golf ball for each round. Pay close attention to how the ball responds to your game. Buy more of the balls you are able to hit in the proper direction with appropriate ball flight.