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(If you haven’t read it already, you should download my FREE ebook titled “Fit To A Tee For Womens Golf – The Missing Link To Playing Your Best Golf”.It will give you a better understanding of why your swing and game isn’t up to par – because of your BODY, not your equipment.) If you have internet set top tv box, it’s convenience for you to read my ebook.

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I love the websight! I knew that physical excercise specific to golf had to be part of my routine and I’m so glad I came across your program. Im sure this will help me to have better and faster results.” –Alicia Miller”Many of my friends, family and co-workers have noticed not only that I have lost weight (more than 20 lbs.), but that I am very toned and shapely.” –Mary Ann Stephenson

I am thoroughly enjoying your program and I find that it is helping me keep motivated. I feel like I have some direction/purpose in my workouts.” –Eva Barnuff

My drives went from 150 yards in the beginning before the program and now I can say that I am at 175 to 185 because of the strength I have gained with the rogram. I think it is truly worth the cost and I know that I will be a repeat member!” –Marilyn Papke

What Is And What Do You Get? is an interactive, online, private membership site for female golfers who want to improve their game.

For only 26 cents a day…receive 365 days of unlimited and IMMEDIATE ACCESS to Mike Pedersen’s Fit Golf For Women Program – where you will…

    • Dramatically improve your backswing range of motion with the Total Body Flex Program that can be done in less than 15 minutes. You’ll have a picture and step-by-step instructions for EVERY exercise in this “specialized system”, making it virtually impossible to do them incorrectly (valued at $39.95).


      • Quickly improve your power and driving distance with easy to use golf-specific, functional stability programs for the entire year. Each program is based on your current level of fitness, has a video demonstration of every movement, AND also step-by-step instructions on google chromecast android smart tv box. There is also a brief explanation of how every move benefits your golf swing.(valued at over $500 for the entire year).


      • Increase your clubhead speed and eliminate “back-pain” with the 15 Minute Core Program. This dynamic, functional program will increase your drives within 7 days. This program alone is worth the price of membership. Like the rest of the programs, there is a video demonstration, and step by step instructions to make it easy to understand and convenient. You won’t find a more condensed program, to improve your game quicker, anywhere (valued at $39.95)

To Get Immediate Results In Your Golf Performance,
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    • See immediate improvement in your balance and stability with our revolutionary YogaBall Program. This unique program incorporates the use of a stability ball, which enhances your focus on a stable body throughout every movement; just like the demands on your body during the swing (valued at $39.95).
    • Prepare for your best game ever with the Fit Golf For Women First Tee Warm Up. Finally learn the “right” functional warm up moves that will get your sequence and timing down perfectly for an optimal golf swing. No more early round blow-up holes (valued at $19.95).


    • Learn proper technique for a safe workout by viewing an Online Video Demonstration of every exercise. You’ll be able to see firsthand, as if I was right there with you showing you. This is better than any book or diagram (valued at over $100.


    • Have access to easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions, for every movement in the members private site, that you can download and print for easy reference (value is convenience).
    • Speed up your weight loss goals and increase your energy on the course with our extensive nutrition for golf section. Everything you’ve ever wanted to know, to get the advantage over your playing partner, and make the most of your physical abilities (valued at $29.95)


    • Prevent or heal any golf injuries (including lower back) with our Golf Injuries section of the site. There articles are not available anywhere else. You will also have access to a sports medicine expert who charges over $100 per hour to work with privately (valued at $19.95).

To Get Immediate Results In Your Golf Performance,
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    • Discover the quick and easy ways to improve your Accuracy and Consistency with information not available outside of the members private site. You’ll have guidance from our Golf Instruction Experts who are more than qualified to answer any questions you have pertaining to swing faults, short game, etc… (valued at $99.95)


    • View new articles/programs added every week. There are separate sections of the “exclusive members area” that cover topics like Motivation, Driving Distance, Injuries, Mental Golf, Physical Limitations and much more!! This secret vault will give you the edge over your competition ongoingly (added bonus to membership)!


    • Keep track of all your golf improvements including handicap, greens in regulation, putts, and more with our Game Track Software. You’ll be able to see firsthand, how much your game has improved since gaining “inside access” to the private, “members only” site (valued at $49.95 for the year).


    • Receive Weekly Motivational E-mails to help you stick to your program and reach all your goals. This is the icing on the cake. You’re no longer alone in your pursuit for a better game and healthier body. We’re with you every step of the way! This is the end of your search for a program to take you to the next level (added bonus to membership).


    • Participate in our very popular Discussion Forum – where you’ll be part of a growing community of female golfers wanting to improve their game. We have club pros, amateurs of all ages, tournament players and teaching pros who frequently visit and participate in this very popular golfer performance forum (added bonus to membership).


    • And MUCH more!!